12 Most Expensive Games on the App store & Play Store

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April 24, 2024
12 Most Expensive Games on the App store & Play Store

Playing games on smartphones is getting more popular by the day. And why not? We spend the maximum time with our smartphones, don’t we?

No matter, if you are an avid PlayStation gamer or not, everybody can play games on their mobile. With the internet reaching every corner of the globe, games on apps are growing each day by leaps and bounds. A new study has revealed, that in 2023, 47% of gamers played on multiple platforms, with 79% playing games on their phones.

There are countless games in the app store that come for free. However, some unresealable priced game can also be seen on app store and play store. These apps also looks outdated compared to modern games available today.

Most Expensive Games In The App Store And Play Store Decoded

1. Jungle Adventure Running

This is one advanced, action-based game that you can download on your Android phone for $ 264.99. In this game, the players will be jumping and running a lot.

You will be able to help various lost characters escape in the jungle and also fight with the bosses to save the jungle land.

There are quite a few exciting worlds, which you can explore through the game. There are castles, islands, deserts, and fires to move around in. You get to collect watermelons which helps in progressing to the next level.

Top Features:

  • You can purchase watermelons and progress to the next level.
  • The graphics are of extremely high quality.
  • The game controls are easy, but staying alive can be a challenge.
  • There are lots of dangers that you have to face on the move in this game.
  • Bring out the inner Tarzan and play this mind-boggling game, which will keep you thrilled.

2. Expensive Gold Voyage

Priced at $264.99, this is one of the most expensive and fulfilling games if you want to kill your boredom. You have to accumulate points as you go through this game and save the character.

You have to jump into the arena, at the right time. This will allow the characters to overcome all the challenges. You are required to tap the screen to play and core points. This game can get challenging at times. Millions have downloaded the game and are busy playing it.

Top Features:

  • This is an arcade-style game.
  • Your characters will face obstacles, which you are supposed to help them defeat and proceed.

3. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

Made for iPad and iPhone owners, the current version sells for a whopping $299. It is an array of four arcade-style games, created by Ubiquitous Muffin and launched for iOS devices in 2009. This game offers a fun set of activities, all bundled into one.

Boingg is a classic pachinko machine. Where you win and exchange your balls for other virtual prizes.

Then comes Clown Bop, which is a clown punching bag that fights back. Hit the clown as a punching bag, and have fun.

Then comes Wormz, which is a simple arcade or puzzle game of fighting for food and space. You can move the worm around the arena eating food pellets to grow and you get to control them as well.

Beez and Bubbles let you use your lasers and muffin guns to protect your homeland from killer bees.

Top Features:

  • This is one of the most expensive games on the Apple App Store, which has four unique arenas.
  • The controls are simple, and even a novice can learn them.
  • The graphics are cool.
  • The replayability features are a top draw.

4. Perfect Penalty 2012 For iOS

If you want to play in the most realistic atmosphere, this is it. It is a realistic simulator game. This amazing game is a must for gaming aficionados using an Apple phone.

Launched in 2012, and developed by Wheelburn, it is well-maintained till date. You can access a range of gaming modes, like single-player, multi-player, and career mode. It costs $299, which is huge money for a game. Any novice can also play the game, without any prior experience.

Top Features:

  • You get access to realistic graphics and mechanisms.
  • There are a variety of modes, which is enticing.
  • It is very addictive.

5. Fisherpunk

Fisherpunk is the most expensive game in the Play Store. All Android users, who love playing games cannot miss out on this one. It costs $400. Developed by T09 App Studio, it ranks on top, when it comes to cost.

The game is not too complicated, but simple look-wise. However, the graphics are extremely cute. The game comes with good gameplay and smooth mechanics. However for many users, the price can not be justified with the overall experience of the game.

Top Features:

  • This game allows the gamers to keep virtual fish alive, by catching food particles that are falling.
  • The in-app purchases are highly priced, which makes the game only suitable for the rich.
  • Some of the special items required to keep the fish alive are costly, say around $1,000 and upwards.

6. Dagger Toss

Developed by Emoclew Inc. it is a casual game. Available since December 2021, it always ranked among the top 500.

In this game, you will be the knife thrower and will throw knives to a stump to get points. You can also challenge your rich friends in a game of Dagger Toss, to win the throne.

  • It is available for download on the Google Play Store. It comes at a cost of $389.99.
  • This game will help you to experience knife throwing in an all-new way.
  • It is a fun game for avid gamers.

7. Lousy Airplane

Opulence Studios developed Lousy Airplane - Most Expensi for Android. it costs $ 374.99. It is one of the most fantastic games that you may have ever encountered. It is based on the concept of reverse gravity.

You can take on the role of a plane and will be garnering lots of points, as you encounter various obstacles on your way.

You can challenge your rich friends to play with you. Most gamers buy this as a status symbol, so you could join the bandwagon. Developed by Opulence Studio, the inverted gravity adds some extra thrills and challenges to the game.

Top Features:

  • Easy to learn and a novice can also play and win.
  • It is very competitive.

8. Barcelona Vs Madrid

This is another expensive one from the Apple App Store. You can experience immense thrill as you play this game.

Enjoy the rivalry between two of the most popular teams in soccer, right there on your iPhone. This is also considered one of the most iconic games on the Apple Play Store. This noteworthy game costs $349.99 and is rated highly by gamers from across the globe.

Top Features:

  • The gaming app has been developed in a simple programming language.
  • It involves realistic player movements and ball physics.
  • You can get access to a variety of gaming modules like Quick Match, tournament, and season.
  • You also get to take control of legends such as Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and many more.
  • The game offers dynamic difficulty levels, which you can adjust according to your own skills.
  • The game also offers replay functionality.
  • You can easily play the game, due to the presence of intuitive gaming controls.

9. GunBros Apathy Bear In-App Purchase

It is one of the popular games, developed by Glu Games. It adds on various costs through the in-app purchases. You also have the option to play the game, without spending a penny.

Through the game, you can earn points, and then make in-app purchases with the same. Apathy Bear is a unique character in the game that comes for $600. The character can shoot 11 bullets in one go.

Top Features

  • The game is extremely easy to play.
  • Apathy Bear has a unique ability to influence apathy in enemies that turns them into harmless lumps.
  • The game has placed the Apathy Bear strategically in order to increase the apathy-inducing power and rescue other partners.
  • The game has challenging stages that are filled with enemies.
  • As a gamer, you are able to improve the powers of the Apathy Bear with upgrades with in-app purchases.

10. Clown Punching Game

You can now choose another game if you have the means for it. This one comes within the range of Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2, at just $299. Now, you can punch as many times as you want to before thinking back and forth.

This can get addictive quickly, so you should be aware beforehand. For all Apple device owners if you have an extra budget to spend you can go for it. If you want to punch someone in real life, but cannot, this is the time to do so. This is an excellent, and engaging arcade-style game.

Top Features:

  • The game has wonderful punching mechanics for avid gamers.
  • You can also unlock different levels, as you progress through the game, consisting of powerful punch types.
  • The clown reactions, which you will witness in the game are just amazing.
  • The intuitive controls make it gamer-friendly.  

11. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is also one fantastic game for avid gamers, for whom budget is not a constraint.

You will be able to come face-to-face with a strong storyline, astonishing graphics, and strategy. It costs $15.99, although a tad bit less costly than the games that you have already gone through above. For the unversed, the game is based on the story of story of Ramza Beoulve.

The young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight is caught amidst two warring noble horses. Ramza fights in a politically turbulent zone and also discovers a gruesome plot that aims to bring the entire kingdom down.

Top Features:

  • This game offers a thrilling edge-of-the-seat experience to gamers.
  • The gameplay is amazing and so is the storyline.
  • The games involve lots of strategies and an exceptional storyline.
  • The gameplay features are extremely upgraded.

12. Super Colour Runner

Priced at $200, this one happens to be one of the most costly Android games. It is a game that involves endless running, where you are supposed to fill up all four pathways with energy.

The runner should not get caught by the surprising munchers or sentry cyclopses. This was always hailed as a very experimental game. Launched way back in 2012, this game is still going strong.

Top Features:

  • The graphical interface is extremely simple.
  • It will run perfectly fine on low-cost phones as well.
  • You can switch amongst the different paths, and pick up pellets and batteries to stay alive through the game.


Are all these games worth the money?

Frankly speaking, many games are overly priced and do not provide value for the money. You can get many games at a cheaper price and will have a more immersive experience.

Are there games that can be costier than these?

Yes, there are many games that may not charge you upfront but they can charge in $10,000 of dollars for the in game purchases and have different skins,features or power in the game. So these type of game can be played free of cost but you can always add money to get different skins, or power. Example: Pubg, Free Fire etc.

Can I create my own game like these?

Yes, You can contact us and have a discussion about your idea. We have expert app development team that can work for you.

Final Words

While playing games, you have to get some thrills. A game becomes all the more special, even if the cost is high when the rewards are great. You should also be able to have a rewarding experience. Some of the notable features of the above games are excellent sound quality, a simple gameplay mechanism, great sound effects, and fast loading time.

All the games listed above are the finest in their domain which is the platform on which you are playing. Be it Android or Apple, you can always go for any of the above or all of them to satiate your inherent likeness for gaming. Invest your money in any or all of the above, and step into the amazing gaming arena on smartphones.