Top 6 Picks: Best Apps For Beauty Business

Last Updated
April 24, 2024
Top 6 Picks: Best Apps For Beauty Business

Those who are in the beauty business know how competitive the market is. Marketing for this industry is a 24/7 task. 

Beauty salons, Tattoo parlors, and massage spas are among the most prominent entities in the beauty business. However, handling day-to-day responsibilities and achieving success in the beauty business is possible, only when you adopt smart policies and technology, according to the times we are in today. 

Today, beauty businesses are taking leverage of the online marketing revolution. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are a few of the social media channels, where beauty businesses do much of their advertising. 

However, it may not be possible all the time, as the teams working in the beauty industry are small. So, it makes sense to invest in apps that can help in streamlining the business. Around 70% of the 1.2 million professionals in the United States, including stylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists, started using mobile applications last year, in 2021. 

Importance Of Technology In The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is known for its innovativeness and glamour. And, one has to stay ahead of the trends. In the last few years, technology has been playing a very important role, transforming the way clients book their appointments, to purchase products and services.

Beauty tech is basically a meeting of technology and the beauty industry. It has taken the industry beyond one facial for all concepts or treatments at the whims and fancies of the beautician. 

As online shopping channels rise, and with the proliferation of social media platforms, more and more consumers are coming face-to-face with multiple brands. The industry is also growing. Today, many beauty services are revolving around AI, ML, and other algorithmic processes. 

Digital skin analysis is also another new age offering, which has led to a more personalized shopping experience. Just like other industries are harnessing the power of tech, the beauty industry has also followed suit. 

Overview Of How Apps Can Streamline Operations And Drive Growth

Beauty apps can streamline operations and drive growth in the beauty sector. These on-demand beauty service apps connect professional beauty service providers with makeup artists, nail techs, and hair styling, to offer services.

 By using such apps, customers can book beauty salon appointments, while working from the offices, as well. This helps in omitting waiting time. Besides, users can also read the reviews of the professionals, check their prices, and also choose the desired timings. 

Beauty apps work seamlessly, by offering customers a platform, from where they can access services from anywhere across the globe. 

  • Users browse various services online on such apps that include make up, skin care, hair styling, nail care, and permanent makeup. They can choose a better service provider that meets their specific demands, based on cost, reviews, and availability. 
  • Users can also schedule beauty services, make payments, and also chat via apps. 
  • Service providers from the beauty industry can also manage their schedules, accept bookings, and receive payments. 

Beauty service apps have advanced features, like a chat function, tracking the beauty professional’s appointments, and receiving feedback, as well. 

Types Of Beauty Apps

Beauty Professional Booking Apps

These types of apps help users to book appointments with beauty professionals. Users can also browse through various profiles, check their availability, and also book various services. 

In-Salon Booking Apps 

These apps allow users to book salon appointments and spa appointments. You will be able to access features such as real-time availability, service customization, and secure payment. 

Virtual Consultation Apps

You can seamlessly connect with beauty professionals and get online consultations. Such apps can analyse user’s skin types and suggest treatments and products. Chat support, payment integration, and appointment setting are the attributes worth mentioning. 

Beauty Product Retail Apps

These apps sell various skin care and cosmetic products, directly to the consumers, without having to visit shops. 

Top Beauty Apps

You will be able to access a wide variety of beauty apps, as millions of downloads occur simultaneously, every hour.

1. TapStyle

This is one of the most popular all-in-one app for hair salons. Ranked No.1 in iTunes and Google Play, in 19 countries, it is your one-stop shop for all beauty needs. You can see your schedules, manage customers, and also find out the analytics. 

Top Features:

  • It is low cost. 
  • It helps in sales promotion.
  • You can use it offline. 
  • You can capture client records as visuals. 
  • Online bookings are available 24x7. 
  • It offers a complete POS facility. 
  • You can sync it on multiple devices. 
  • It offers an intuitive experience to the consumers. 

2. Canva

It is one of the most prominent apps, through which anyone can create marketing materials, like leaflets, pamphlets, and banners for advertising. In the beauty business, images are everything.

However, every business owner is not a graphic designer. So, in the past, the beauty business owners had to hire people to work for you. Canva has simply revolutionized digital design. You can easily get templates for social media posts. 

Top Features:

  • Canva is very easy to use. 
  • In the Canva library, you will find a lot of free images. 
  • You can also apply filters to enhance the image quality. 
  • You can bring your art to life. 
  • It can help you to create a brand mood board for your beauty business. 
  • Create an online marketing pack on the app. 

3. Salon Iris

You can easily manage appointments for your salon, through this app. It also helps in storing client information, product sales information, and card transaction details. This is the ideal app for salon and spa owners. You can also generate monthly reports, which makes business easy for you. 

Top Features:

  • It is a full-feature salon software. 
  • You will find different plans to suit your business. 
  • Cloud hosting is available. 
  • It is accessible on all sorts of browsers. 
  • The pricing is fair and competitive. 
  • It also has a rich, email marketing program. 

4. Beautylish

It is the ultimate website for beauty lovers. This is also available as an Android app that allows you to access content from all across the globe. There are loads of style guides, reviews, tutorials, videos, and articles on all things beauty. It also has a large and active community, which is the biggest draw. You can also access filters. 

Top Features:

  • Easy to use. 
  • It is the ultimate in mobile beauty. 
  • You can navigate through the app easily. 
  • The layout is great. 

5. Salon Objectives

This is a premium service for beauty business owners. You can manage your client base through this app, extremely easily. The app suits independent beauty professionals. 

Top Features:

  • Excellent in client management.
  • Timeline views features. 
  • SMS/ email reminders. 
  • Unique booking 
  • One-click history

6. Square

Square is your all-in-one salon app, which is made for today. The beauty business owner just manages the service part, while the app handles all else. You can keep your entire focus on your clients, while the app schedules bookings, takes payments, and empowers the salon team. 

Top Features:

  • Set-up is extremely simple.
  • You can migrate appointments easily. 
  • Accept payments from anywhere. 
  • Error-free booking facility. 
  • Free services for testing. 

Benefits Of Using Scheduling Apps For Beauty Businesses

Let us check out the benefits of using scheduling apps for beauty business. 

Meet Increasing Demand

The constantly growing beauty industry is disorganized at the moment. However, these apps help in bringing the customers and the professionals on a common platform. Many working people are unable to travel to salons, today. So, these apps help in scheduling services at home. 

Scaling Up The Business

Such apps have paved the way to scale up businesses, without hiring additional staff. Moreover, the businesses can expand in several locations across the city. 

Flexibility in Pricing 

These apps have paved the way for flexibility in pricing. Customers benefit from this attribute of the beauty industry. One can search for services from their choice-able price point, in this competitive beauty market. 

Helps In Targeted Marketing 

These apps help in targeted marketing, which is a huge boon for beauty professionals and businesses. You, as a business person, can curate personalized marketing campaigns by extracting the data from these apps. 

Increasing Efficiency 

Beauty services apps are the best for streamlining the beauty business. It helps with instant bookings, and payments, and also boost the efficiency of the business. Thus, enabling the business to offer timely and quality services. 

Creation of Custom Reports 

You, as a beauty salon owner, can create custom reports. All the data stored in such apps can help in forecasting business growth as well. 

Helps In Easy onboarding 

With such apps, salons and beauty spas can easily let users sign up and create their profiles. The users can also browse the services and personalize the services.


So, by now, you would have understood that salon management is a full-time job. Everything has to be managed in real-time. Instead of doing everything manually, you can choose the best apps for your business. Digital presence will help you to acquire new customers, and also improve your brand image. You can talk to an application development company to get the best out of it.