Top 10 MERN Stack Project Ideas For Beginners in 2024

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February 16, 2024
Top 10 MERN Stack Project Ideas For Beginners in 2024

Today, the world revolves around applications and websites. And, the online genre is completely lame without programming languages and frameworks. Some of the most popular languages are JavaScript, Java, Python, and so on. Any web page or app mostly comprises a front end and a back end.

Most front-end applications are written in JavaScript, whereas back-end applications are written in Java. However, you can get access to full stacks as well, today. You will find such stacks using JavaScript as the programming language and stacks of cloud technology. The usage of these frameworks makes database storage and access easy, apart from enhancing the web user experience. One such stack, which you should know about is the MERN stack.

Decoding MERN Stack

MERN stack is a collection of technologies that allow developers to build strong web applications with JavaScript. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. Each component plays a huge role in the developmental process. MongoDB is a document-based database that efficiently stores data in JSON format. Express is a web application framework that provides unique features to streamline the grouping of web applications.

React is a front-end JavaScript library that offers a large storehouse for creating unique user interfaces. Node.js is the runtime environment for the working of JavaScript code on the server side and facilitating communication between front-end and back-end components. This MERN stack is the preferred choice for developers looking for a complete package, or a full-stack development framework.

Importance Of MERN Stack In Web Development

The MERN stack is one of the most efficient full-stack web development solutions that we have today. It allows developers to develop a wide range of web applications. It is one of the most preferred web development solutions available today. It remains a favourite with most developers, due to its myriad offerings.

It is a stack that is completely scalable, with a document-oriented storage for databases. This is ideal for E-Commerce websites and dynamic platforms that rely on instant scalability.

This stack can handle non-uniform or dynamic documents. You can also set a range of different data types as default, which will remain valid, no matter what the user-defined inputs.

It gives importance to value-based structures and a developer can handle complex data, with superficial keys. As you get a fair idea about the MERN stack, you must now check out the top 10 MERN stack project ideas.

Top 10 MERN Stack Project Ideas

E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce website is one of the most popular MERN stack project applications. It is something that both novices and experienced businesses can take leverage of. You can apply the MERN stack project to both new and existing websites. While creating an online web shop, you need to give a lot of importance to back end functionality.

It is tasked with the responsibility of fetching data from the back end, before it can be displayed in the front end. There are several other things which you need to handle, like payment gateway, supplier management, and logistics. With the help of MERN stack, you can build websites that can set your website apart from the rest.

It provides increased security, by linking to secure hosting providers. MERN stack ensures data storage longevity along with device and user security control. MERN stack offers better performance, which is dependent on asynchronous actions. It offers cloud compatibility and high scalability. The global e-commerce market size stood at $9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

Social Media Platform

When you incorporate MERN stack into social media platform projects, you can ensure to make it user-friendly and highly customizable. It enables the sharing of images, videos, and audios. Facebook uses MERN stack for its pages, and so does Instagram. It uses MERN for its photos and user features.

Developing a social media platform using MERN stack is a big challenge, but extremely rewarding. It helps in the creation of profiles, connect with friends, post updates, share media content, and interact with one another. You can also deploy real-time updates using WebSockets or It adds an extra layer of interactivity to the application.

To-do List App

It is a note-keeping activity that people do today, to keep a daily journal of activities. Thus, you have to ensure to make this app user-friendly and customized according to their needs, especially pertaining to images and graphs. Through this project, you will be able to learn various concepts like address authentication, database management. In such apps, users can login and register, add daily tasks, assign due date of completion, mark them as complete or incomplete, and view weekly or monthly statistics of the tools.

Travel Booking Tools and Apps

Travel booking tools can either be web-based or app-based. Such apps help people book hotels, trains, flights, and buses. The MERN stack can help create a strong front end and back end framework, which supports features like route ideation, user identification, and also embed external APIs, to add features like payment gateway. People can also share their travel experiences in such app communities.

Gaming Apps and Platforms

You can leverage the MERN stack for gaming app development. It is a very great idea for new developers, who will be able to grow while working on such projects. You need to incorporate the search function, to allow users to find a specific game. It also helps in social interaction, game hosting, and various other dynamic functionalities.

Chat Application

A direct outlet of social media platforms is the chat app. Messaging platforms are doing well, as faith in such social media-based apps has increased. The MERN stack project assists users to connect with families and friends, and professionally as well. Such platforms are extremely easy to use, so one has to make sure that the app’s design and features meet the user’s requirements. Novices can learn a lot about such projects as front-end development, UI, database management, and more. Such features allow real-time communication using technologies like

Blogging Platform

You can get lots of inspiration to use MERN stacks to build blogging platforms. Some of the most popular sites that have used MERN are Medium and WordPress. It helps add signing, logging with credentials, and profile building. Users can also upload blogs and write posts, which is possible on MERN stacks. Once you start working with the MERN stack on front-end development and database management, it opens up entirely new possibilities.

Music Streaming Apps and Platforms

The MERN stack can be applied to online music streaming apps and platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Some of the features that come along include shuffling songs and making a personalized playlist. It also enables suggestions to pop up, depending on the browsing history.

Fitness Tracker

Another project idea revolving around the MERN stack is the Fitness app which has assumed a lot of importance today. It ought to be extremely aesthetically attractive, so that users are attracted to the app. The use of the MERN app helps in incorporating essential features like counting steps, counting calories, measuring the heart rate, and more. MERN helps in designing an interactive UI/UX, which will help to eliminate all the physical hurdles.

Weather Apps

The MERN stack is also appropriate for the weather app, which uses scripts and codes to project the weather data. It helps make accurate weather forecasts. You can even train the apps on random data, to work as required.

Benefits of The MERN Stack

There are numerous benefits of using the MERN stack for all kinds of projects listed above, and probably more. There are also huge demand of this tech stack and companies are willing to hire MERN stack developers for completing the projects.

Let us look at the advantages, which make it such an attractive proposition.

Model-view-controller architecture offers a straightforward way for developers to construct online programs. It is mainly designed to be utilized, with microservices. Each micro-service component is independent of the other and is reliant on just a few services. MERN allows developers to create secured programs.

It also allows developers to write programs more quickly, with much less effort. This time saved can be better utilized in resolving issues and creating new features. It also helps eliminate the requirement for API calls.

Learning the MERN framework is easy. Moreover, it combines both online and offline worlds, making the development journey speedy. A solid know-how of JavaScript and JSON, helps developers create the most dynamic online apps ever.

Using the MERN stack, developers can create apps that are simpler to manage. Moreover, the solutions associated with the MERN stack are scalable. It does so, without compromising on the integrity of the code.

MERN is backed by a strong community with accessible libraries. MERN architecture is extremely flexible, which makes it a desirable stack for online platform development.


These are a list of the most popular MERN stack project ideas. These MERN stacks will help to create the best platforms and apps, online. It also has qualities of effective audience engagement. You can use MERN stack for any kind of web development work, mobile application development, or UI/ UX design. You should also take leverage of the MERN stack.