How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Programmer

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February 5, 2024
How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Programmer

Before you get the answer to the question, ‘How much does it cost to hire a programmer?’ you must find out what a programmer does and what educational qualifications are necessary to become one. Additionally, you need to be aware of the factors that affect the cost of hiring. 

In today’s software-driven era, when most businesses are creating an online presence, having software development or programming knowledge is essential.

But as a business owner, you may or may not be proficient in software. That is why, it becomes necessary to either hire someone in-house or outsource the task. Let us delve into the details. 

Factors that Influence the Cost of Hiring

Technology Stack 

This is the first factor that affects the cost of hiring. It mainly refers to the combination of programming languages, platforms, and tools that programmers or developers use to build software.

The ultimate functionality of the software determines what technology will be used. Different technologies require different expertise levels and professional attributes. The licensing costs also affect the cost. Moreover, many programmers need to constantly upgrade themselves in learning new languages and frameworks. Tech stacks that are high grade require high-end professionals, which can affect the cost. 

Level Of Experience 

Developers and programmers with more experience charge more. The experience is not just dependent on the number of years worked but on the number of diverse projects handled. Industry-specific skills also matter. 

Time Duration 

Programmers who are recruited for a longer tenure tend to be more economical, in comparison to ones who stay for a shorter period. Shooter timelines do not guarantee a regular flow of work, hence raising costs. 

Team Size And Form 

When you hire a team, the companies engaged in providing such services give a consolidated quotation. However, when you recruit an individual, you have to pay separately for each component. This increases the overall cost. 

Time Zones 

When firms in the US recruit someone or an organization from India, it comes at a premium, as the schedules change. The programmer has to change their sleep cycles and compromise work-life balance. Again programmers in different cities will charge differently, according to the cost of living at that place. 

Cost of Offshore Vs Freelancers 

When you hire the services of an offshore IT firm, the costs will be higher than when you recruit a freelancer. But there are some benefits associated with hiring firms, which include the availability of 24x7 support, remote working infrastructure, a team of programmers, and continuous resolution of tasks, without any delay. Someone will always be there to deliver the tasks. 

Demand And Supply 

Demand and supply also play a huge role in this sector, and affect the cost substantially. If the demand for a certain technology in the market is high and the availability of talent is low, the cost will go up. This is observed when the technology is relatively new. The hiring costs come down when more programmers upgrade themselves with time. When technology is outdated, the reverse happens. 

Language Proficiency and Communication Skills 

Programmers having excellent communication skills and knowledge of multiple languages always charge a premium. Such developers are also able to understand the nuances of a project better, and will generally deliver in a short time. 

How Much Do You Need To Pay A Programmer?

Generally, the price that you have to incur to hire a programmer, depends on their experience, the size of the project, and the genre. Freelance programmers often earn between $18,500 and $145,000 per year. You should also take note of the average salaries from across the globe. 

  • USA – $ 110, 638
  • Germany – $ 60, 162
  • Australia – $ 53, 669
  • New Zealand – $ 46, 229
  • UK - $ 42, 394

The location of the outsourced firm is also an important consideration here. Region Wise the average hourly rates change, the rates for which are given below.

  • Eastern Europe - $25-$50
  • Africa - $20-$40 
  • Latin America - $30-$50
  • Asia - $18-$40 

The salary of a programmer differs from one place to another, due to the difference in economic standards. On average, if a programmer or developer earns $ 38,000 in India, a similar profile will earn $ 109,000 annually in the US. There are more than 24,731 computer programmers employed in the United States, at present. 

You also need to understand what industry or size of company the programmer is working in. There are various software firms or enterprises, like big businesses or MNC, medium-sized, and small businesses, agencies, freelance developers, offshore developers, and nearshore developers. Each one has its prerequisites. 

In-house Hiring vs IT Outstaffing

Inhouse- The cost will be high as it will involve recruitment drives, onboarding, sick time off, paid leaves, insurance, company-paid benefits

IT Outstaffing- The cost of outsourcing is relatively low, as recruitment will be taken care of by the outsourced firm. The responsibility for training also lies with the outsourced firm.

Inhouse - Recruiters have to deal with poaching from other firms if the resource is good. It will lead to higher incentive payments.

IT Outstaffing - The business does not have to deal with such issues, as the onus is on the outsourced firm.

Inhouse - Businesses must purchase equipment, technology, and training material.

IT Outstaffing - Businesses do not have to incur any such costs.

Criteria To Choose A Programmer 

Now, you have a fair idea of the cost to hire a programmer. However, there are many more things to consider here. Read about the same below:

Choose A Renowned Firm 

If you are recruiting programmers for the first time, it makes sense to hire a renowned firm. You must also ensure to check the reviews and testimonials before you sign on the dotted line, you need to check the credentials and past work. When you hire such firms for your tasks, you get the best professionals to work on your project. 

Hire As Per Program Requirements 

You can also hire freelancers if you are on a budget, but be sure to go for aggregator sites, which have freelancers registered on their platforms. In most cases, you make the payment to the platform, hosting the programmers. So, if anything goes wrong, your money remains safe. But sometimes, it is beneficial to hire a team from enterprises, rather than hiring single programmers. More brains can give more insights on a given project. 

Get An Agreement Before Finalizing The Task

Always get the scope of work written in legal documents, before you move ahead. The deliverables should be clear from the beginning, as any sort of ambiguity can be detrimental to your project. 

Tips To Hire A Programmer 

You must take into account the scope of the project, before deciding on the parameters. This will form the foundation, on which you can base your decision. 

  • You must be able to identify the tough aspects and challenges of the project. The goals of the project are crucial in this respect. Only when you have the goal in front of you, can you finalize the kind of talent you need. 
  • You must have a draft job description handy before you begin. This provides a lot of transparency in the hiring process. You must list all the professional attributes that you desire in a prospective programmer working on your project. 
  • Set the budget from the very beginning. If you are going for an entire team, setting the budget in the first instance is crucial for your work. Conduct a few price surveys or comparisons, on different professional sites. The budget that you ascertain for a programmer gets added to the final cost of a web development project. 
  • You must curate a stringent interview system, in which you have to ask in-depth questions. Ask for reviews and testimonials as well. You can also ask the other founders, if any, to assist you in the interview process. 
  • There are some crucial aspects like the kind of development you require. Any form of software development comprises front end, back end, and full stack. 
  • Verify the expertise of the prospective hire, before you send the offer letter to the incumbent. 

Final Words 

The software development process or programming can be complicated. All web development projects are unique, so you have to first ascertain the goal that you are trying to achieve. Understanding the scope of work yourself and making the hire understand the deliverables is as important. Follow a stepwise approach to hiring the best programmer for business. You must ascertain to find out the business problem that you are trying to solve. Only then can you get the best hire today.