Top 5 AI Tools For Administrative Assistants

Last Updated
April 24, 2024
Top 5 AI Tools For Administrative Assistants

Artificial intelligence has taken over various job functions in the last few years. Moreover, it has changed the way you do business. Even though there is a lot more to explore, AI has helped in the automation of mundane tasks. But, many of you may still be a bit sceptical. So, we will go through what AI is all about, and how it works, before looking at the top AI administrative tools. 

Artificial Intelligence is basically a computer coding or system, which can emulate human behaviour. It is self-learning to an extent, and after being fed certain information, may be capable of making human-like decisions. It analyses the data fed, to make smarter decisions.

AI also makes predictions based on historical data, which helps the system to further learn about suitable responses. AI has taken over business lately, owing to these attributes. It has the power to automate mundane tasks, solve issues, save time, and also make the business future-savvy. AI is a collection of smart technologies which can improve work processes. Since 2017, the adoption rate of AI technology for businesses has more than doubled. It has almost reached 50-60%.  

How Can Administrative Professionals Take Leverage?

The recent advancements in AI technology have both positive and negative effects on the role of Admin professionals. While admins play a crucial role in decision-making, and in the running of day-to-day tasks, some activities can be mundane. AI can help eliminate repetitive tasks, and give more time for strategic functions. You ought to read about the tasks that AI helps in managing. 

  • Mundane Tasks – There are several general tasks, like the generation of reports, sending reminders, and scheduling, which AI can streamline for you. There are various tools that help in extracting data from documents in minimal time, send emails, and analysing images, to turn them into data. 
  • Virtual Services – AI can also improve your interaction with clients and employees manifold. You must have noticed the recent resurgence of chatbots that pop-up on banking sites, insurance sites, and in e-commerce, as well. The best thing about such virtual assistants is that they are there 24x7. These are generally fed with general data regarding routine queries that come from both the clients and the employees. 
  • Transcription Services – AI tools have the capability to review existing data and transcribe meetings, as well. It can also generate the minutes of a meeting, more quickly than a human can.
  • Easy Access To Company Policies – If you are working as an admin professional, you may be facing the same type of queries again and again. AI makes it easy to just upload the document with the policies enlisted, so that you can focus on other important tasks. 
  • Announcements About Company Events – Programming the AI tools to send automated emails, once you feed in the data regarding an upcoming event, can help you to inform one and all. There will be no need to inform people in the organization individually. 

Now, admin professionals can take leverage of these benefits, but how useful they are depend on the organization and its policies. It definitely makes decision-making, and other tasks easy to facilitate. 

Different Kinds of AI Tools For Administrative Assistants


Jasper is one of the best AI-writing tools that has the ability to generate templates, blog posts, make marketing copies, and draft emails. In just 2 years, it has become a powerhouse AI tool. Firstly, it is built on top of custom AI – language models and third-party models like OpenAI. It then combines all the data from these models, clubs it with your brand information and analyses recent search data, to produce the best outputs. 

You can select various templates like Facebook ads, Amazon product description, blogs, and so on. Type some information about your requirements and hit ‘Go’. You can also work on new documents, from scratch. Jasper has all types of AI features to facilitate your work. It has custom and dynamic templates, browser extensions, SEO mode, and AI – artwork generator, as well. You can also integrate it with Zapier, for content production workflows. It comes in versions such as Creator at $49/month, Teams at $125/ month, and the customizable Business model. 

Top Features:

  • Integration
  • Chat
  • AIDA framework
  • Conversational AI 
  • Photo post captions 
  • Content templates
  • Customer Support 


This is one of the new-age meeting assistants which can make the lives of admin professionals easy. It can record and transcribe meetings, various calls, and audio files, and help you to review meetings. This AI voice assistant integrates well with collaborative tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex, as well. You can also flag important instances on calls, for others to take note. The built-in conversation intelligence will help generate insights on trends, emotions, and more. 

It is the star behind virtual meetings in today’s fast-paced work arena. You can call it the best personal assistant. When it comes to pricing and the plans, there is a lot to be happy about. There is a free plan, of course with limitations. Additionally, there is a Pro plan for $18 per seat per month, a Business plan for $29 per seat per plan, and Enterprise plan that is available on an annual subscription basis. 

You can easily deploy it, as it is a cloud-based platform, which allows you to access it from any device, with just a strong internet connection. You will get access to functions such as playlist, meeting status, analytics, apps, notebooks, and more. Built on top security standards, you can also share sensitive information in its presence.

Top Features:

  • User-friendly Interface
  • 90% accuracy
  • Auto-joining options for meetings
  • Collaboration 
  • AI Summaries
  • Integrations
  • Security 

Reply. io

This is a great AI tool for all those who work in sales or sales support. It is also a backend admin function. You will find this AI-powered engagement app to be empowering. You can set up appointments, draft various responses, and target new customers very easily, with It is also hailed as a comprehensive sales automation tool. You can easily engage with prospects through cold calls, emails, WhatsApp, and land appointments for meetings. also helps in both inbound and outbound communication that includes all channels. It mainly eliminates the need for manual data entry through CRMs. You can also generate leads using this AI tool. It comes with different pricing plans, including one that is free. The free plan offers 200 data credits. Starter comes for $60 per user per month, Professional comes for $90 per user per month, while the Custom plan will be designed and priced, according to your needs.  

Top Features:

  • Effective email outreach
  • Prospect data sourcing
  • Email and telephone validation
  • Trigger-specific task automation
  • Cloud calling facility
  • Email tracking
  • Multi-channel reach
  • Personalization 


Clockwise is amongst the best AI scheduling assistants available today. Its main goal is to create time for you for strategic tasks, by reducing conflicts while scheduling meetings. It is meant for individuals as well as teams. You can connect it with tools such as Slack, as well. There are several ways by which this AI-powered app can help you to work in a fast-paced environment. This scheduling and calendar automation tool enables the users to analyse the best timings for their meets, tasks, and other work. It also saves a lot of time in communicating, when each member would be available.

It can analyse the user’s most productive time and lets other members know about it. You can also share the calendar via links, which ultimately saves time and focus. The best thing about the app is that you can integrate it with collaborative tools such as Slack and Asana. Optimize your work day and create better work-life balance. You can get the free version, the Teams version for $ 6.75 per user per month, Business version for $ 11.50 per user per month, and a customized Enterprise version, whose cost depends on your needs. 

Top Features:

  • AI Scheduling
  • Focus Time
  • Smart Integrations 
  • Integration with QuickBooks 
  • Seamless Integration


Cortana is another AI-powered virtual assistant tool, which is developed by Microsoft. You can operate it via text and verbal commands. The AI tool relies on search engine Bing, to accomplish various tasks. You can use it to send emails, manage calendars, set meetings and reminders, open apps, track the weather, and so on. Cortana also serves as a dictionary and encyclopaedia. If you want to save time on redundant tasks, this is the way to go. The tool keeps track of user traits, interaction patterns, analyses a broad set of data, and also comprehends emails, images, videos, and texts. 

It can carry out some of the simple manual tasks like currency conversions, and mathematical calculations, as well. You will be able to generate personalized responses on the tool, as well. You need to have a Microsoft account to use Cortana. Coming to the pricing, you will be happy to hear that it comes with Microsoft tools and is free. 

Top Features:

  • Creates reminders
  • Controls smart devices
  • Searches words
  • Gives weather and temperature forecasts
  • Assists with directions
  • Learns user preferences


The rise of AI tools in business has given a new direction to mundane tasks. It enhances productivity, by streamlining tasks and saving time. From managing routine jobs to optimization of workflows, these AI tools can be customized to suit your business needs as well. Thanks to such tools, you can achieve work-life balance this year and in the coming times.